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As the fifth-largest exporter of dates globally, Pakistan has a rich history of producing top-quality dates. At Rohtas Produce, we take pride in our role of supporting local farmers in Balochistan and Sindh by directly procuring their dates for processing and distribution through our advanced cold storage facilities.

Our commitment to quality shines through every stage of our process, starting from meticulous date selection to ensuring their ideal storage and transportation conditions. By sourcing directly from local farmers, we not only boost the local economy but also guarantee our customers access to the freshest and highest-quality dates available.

At Rohtas Produce, we’re dedicated to delivering the best products and services to our customers, and our direct sourcing approach is just one of the many ways we fulfill that commitment. We warmly invite you to savor the taste and quality of our locally sourced dates for yourself.


Harvest Period

Aseel (Sindh)

All of August

Begum Jangi Balochistan

Mid-August to mid-September

Baluchistan Rabbi (Balochistan)

All of September

Turbat Mix (Balochistan)

Mid-August to mid-September