Consulting Services

Cold Storage Solutions:

Rohtas Produce (Pvt) Ltd offers a “one stop solution” for Clients, offering Consultancy services to provide full turnkey cold storage solutions from Design to Completion as well as the option to engage Rohtas on a B&O (build and operate) model.

The Company works with reputable local and global suppliers and vendors, maintaining strong long-term relations built over the years.  These relations enable the company to provide its clients the latest and most efficient product design and engineering solutions depending on specific Client requirements.


Consultancy Services Include:

  • Development of the Business Plan from conception stage all the way to implementation
  • Engineering, design, and detail of the complete Cold Storage Plant
  • Project Management from start to finish as well as managing and operating the completed Plant

Complete Civil Works Services:

  • Preparing Architectural drawings, Site plans, and MEP drawings
  • Engage in a Contract for all Civil Works including the ability to build Pre-Engineered Buildings

Design, sales, installation, and after sales service of:

  • Cold Rooms of all sizes:  including various specifications of Insulation panels for walls, roofs and floors – as well as Insulated doors
  • Refrigeration units:  including Condensing Units, Evaporators, Air Coolers/Evaporators, and Rack Systems

Through the wealth of experience and relations established, we assure our clients solid performance, strong support and innovation in design and technology to always meet their needs and provide superior solutions.

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